Spacer widget, new Header layouts, and more updates


Sitebuilder's latest enhancements aim to deliver an even more tailored and user-friendly experience. Our recent updates focus on empowering end-users with enhanced customization options, ensuring a smoother journey. 

Noteworthy additions include the Spacer widget, new Header layouts, the Radio button option for Contact forms, and the Strikethrough feature for text manipulation. Let’s explore them in detail.

The Spacer widget

Responding to our users’ feedback, we've taken steps to improve both the visual appeal and functionality of the Custom block. Users expressed frustration about the lack of control over spaces between widgets within the block. Given the Custom block's popularity, we aimed to address this issue in a thoughtful manner. 

Introducing the Spacer widget – a purposeful addition that makes it possible for end-users to effortlessly manage and fine-tune spaces between widgets in the Custom block.

Spacer Widget.jpg

Visit our Spacer widget tutorial to learn how it works.

Header block: more layouts

Recognizing the pivotal role of header layouts in web design, we understand that they are the initial touchpoint for website visitors of our end-users, establishing the site's aesthetics and navigation. A thoughtfully designed header layout can significantly impact website engagement and brand perception.

With all that in mind, we’re introducing a diverse range of new header layout designs. These designs are crafted to offer not only visual appeal but also enhance user experience, aligning with contemporary design trends.

Header Layouts.jpg

What sets these new header layouts apart is the flexibility they offer. End-users can now seamlessly select and implement distinct header designs for different pages within a single website. This empowers them to tailor their content presentation to different contexts and purposes, ensuring an engaging and relevant browsing experience for their visitors.

Read more about the Header block layout in this tutorial

Next block overlay and opacity for the header

Speaking of headers, another feature we want to highlight is the ability to set the opacity for a header with an overlay to the next block. 

By adjusting the opacity of the header in conjunction with the overlay option, users can achieve a more harmonious visual blend while ensuring key header elements remain prominent. This enables users to create compelling designs that capture attention while maintaining a seamless user experience.

Header Opacity.jpg

To make the header transparent, users need to check the Overlay next block option in Block settings > Appearance. The header will adapt to the background color of the next block.

Also, users can adjust the opacity level to their preference by dragging the position slider as shown in the video below. 

Radio button in the Forms block

With the Radio button now available in Sitebuilder’s Forms block, users can offer their site visitors a more visually appealing and intuitive interface. This valuable feature addresses the need for a streamlined selection process, allowing users to pick a single option from a list of mutually exclusive choices. 

This is particularly valuable for questions that require a singular response, such as inquiries about gender or age range. This feature eliminates the complexity of dropdown menus or text fields, providing a smoother and more engaging experience.

Radiobuttons in Forms.jpg

Strikethrough feature

We've added a helpful feature to our text editing: Strikethrough. This means end-users can now cross out the text to show changes, which is handy when, for instance, users want to display both the old and new prices for a discounted service or product.

With this new feature, making comparisons and conveying discounts becomes much easier. Users can visually highlight changes, making it simpler for visitors to understand differences.

Strikethrough feature.jpg

That’s all for now. If you have any questions or feedback, our Support Team is here to help.

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