Advanced color customization


In our latest update, we introduce Advanced Color Customization, providing more control over users’ website color palettes to suit their precise preferences and requirements.

Color Customization.jpg

This feature allows for the customization of various elements, such as 

  • Typography, including site name, various headings, text links, and price labels;
  • Navigation links (active and default); 
  • Decorative elements like borders, feature icons, and social icons;
  • Primary and Secondary buttons – both their texts and backgrounds. 

Unlike in Block settings → Appearance → Block style, where color scheme change only applies to the current block, the changes in Color palette settings work on all blocks of the site that have the same color scheme.

Here’s the video of the color customization process for a site’s Light color scheme

Read more about advanced color customization in our dedicated tutorial.

If you have any questions or feedback, our Support Team is here to help.

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