Enhancing website design: Discover the latest Latitude improvements


Our latest enhancements are designed with your needs and those of your clients in mind. This update introduces some valuable improvements to the Footer block, Contact Form Builder, button customization, media settings, and more. 

Let’s delve into the details of these improvements!

Footer block: more layouts

Following the new header layouts from our previous update, here goes the new set of footer layouts. 

Footers are crucial for enhancing navigation and organizing content. They help provide contact information, support SEO efforts, and reinforce website consistency.Footer block_ more layouts (1).jpg

This subtle yet valuable improvement allows users to adapt their websites’ footer appearance to different styles and preferences, providing a more tailored user experience for their visitors.

Read more about the Footer block layout in this tutorial

Contact form: Flow improvement

Introducing the updates to our Contact Form Builder, all aimed at elevating the user experience for users. Our primary focus was on ensuring simplicity and intuitiveness while maintaining consistent design patterns.

Contact form_ Flow improvement.jpg

Key improvements:

  • Streamlined item addition: We've revamped the process of adding new items to the Contact Form, making it easier and more intuitive. 
  • Contact form item library: To simplify interaction with an expanded range of items, we've introduced a dedicated Contact Form Item Library. This library is designed to enhance functionality and usability, offering a comprehensive selection for users' specific needs.

Read more about Forms and the new ways to customize them in our dedicated tutorial.

Button presets: Effortless button customization

Your end-users can now say goodbye to the hassle of switching the entire template just to tweak the buttons’ appearance. Our new Button Presets feature simplifies the way to customize buttons, making it easier and more user-friendly.

Button presets_ Effortless button customization.jpg

There are 15 presets to choose from. They include combinations of various types of buttons: filled, filled tonal, outlined, and with different font colors. Users can also choose between sharp-cornered and rounded-cornered buttons.

Learn to change a button preset from our dedicated tutorial.

Media settings: Сhange the media content width

The new Media content width setting is a great addition to our suite of layout customization tools. Designed for split-screen blocks and those with side media, this feature allows your users to tailor the width of media content within these blocks. Whether they want to amplify the visual impact of an image or create a more compact layout, this functionality offers unparalleled flexibility.

This video demonstrates how the setting works. 

Vertical alignment for Custom Block

Building upon the introduction of new widgets last year, our latest focus is on enhancing widget settings for a more seamless customization experience. 

The new vertical alignment feature in the columns is designed to help users seamlessly integrate custom blocks into their site design, ensuring a precise fit and alignment with other blocks.

Here’s the video of how to tweak a Custom block to our liking, including aligning the block elements to the top, center, or bottom of the block. 

Block divider

To enhance block customization options, we’ve introduced Divider in Block settings. 

When enabled by the user, the divider serves as a borderline at the bottom of the block. By default, the divider is set to 1 px, and the user can change its thickness up to 20 px. The thickness change is also visible in real-time on the bottom of the block.

Block divider.jpg

Have any questions or feedback? We love hearing from you. Feel free to reach out to our Partner Support Team via ticket or email at wlsupport@yola.com. 

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