Password protection for pages


Introducing our new premium feature, Page Access Control, that fulfills a highly requested capability from our user community.

IMPORTANT: This feature is now available only for Yola hosting partners. If you’re not a Yola hosting partner interested in offering this feature to your end-users, please let us know by contacting the Support Team at

Password Protection.jpg

With this feature, premium users can add an extra layer of security to specific pages on their sites by setting unique passwords. This allows them to restrict access to confidential content, allowing only authorized individuals to view it. This feature also enables end-users to create exclusive content accessible only to subscribed or paid users of their websites. 

By default, all the pages in Sitebuilder are open to everyone. To change that, users open Page settings and scroll down to the Page access control section in the General tab. Then, they switch the setting to Password protected, enter the password, and Submit

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