Unlocking revenue potential: Domain and DIFM upsell


We're excited to introduce two new in-app upsell opportunities that can help boost your revenue and enhance the value you offer to your end-users. With these features, you can seamlessly integrate domain upselling and DIFM (Do It For Me) services into Sitebuilder, providing additional ways for monetization and customer satisfaction.

Domain upsell

With our domain upsell feature, you can now offer your end-users the option to purchase custom domains directly from Sitebuilder. By integrating a "Buy Domain" button into the Topbar and Main Menu of the editor, you can guide users to your domain selling page, providing them with a seamless and convenient way to enhance their online presence. 

This feature leverages our proven B2C upsell strategies and increases conversion and retention rates, ensuring a smooth and effective process for both you and your customers.

DIFM upsell

Our DIFM upsell feature allows you to promote your website-building services directly within Sitebuilder. 

Example: After 15 minutes of using the editor, users encounter a dialogue prompting them to explore your DIFM offerings. With a simple click, users will be redirected to your dedicated page, where they can learn more about your services and place orders. 

This feature empowers you to showcase your expertise and drive conversions, all while providing added value to your end-users.

Enabling these upsell features on your platform is a strategic move that can significantly enhance your revenue streams and customer engagement. If you're interested in implementing domain upselling, DIFM services, or both, please contact our team to discuss the necessary steps and get started on maximizing your platform's potential.

For more information or to enable these features, please contact our Support Team at wlsupport@yola.com.

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