Premium blocks


Introducing our latest enhancement to the website builder: Premium blocks. 

Exclusively available for premium users, these new block layouts take website designs up a notch, offering modern and relevant options. 

The premium blocks include a range of layouts, such as blocks with accordions, full-width blocks, and blocks with unique decorations.

The premium block layouts are now available in Headline, Services, Call to Action, FAQ, About us, and Pricing blocks.

End-users can explore them by navigating to the Blocks library and selecting one of the block types conveniently marked for ease of use. Additionally, they can filter block layouts to view only free or premium options.

This focus on the quality and relevance of blocks enhances the overall user experience and aligns with our commitment to improving Sitebuilder's premium package and serving monetization objectives.

Check this feature out now on our demo site by clicking Get Started for Free. Feel free to reach out via support ticket — we look forward to hearing your feedback.

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