Introducing Image Gallery


The Yola team is excited to introduce the release of the Image Gallery block that provides the ultimate visual presentation for photography works, products, design projects, family photos, and every type of image your customers want to showcase on their sites.

The Gallery block offers a friendly browsing experience for your site visitors, and following the Yola tradition of simplifying everything, they are super easy to edit and customize. The image gallery is compatible with a range of image formats including .img, .svg, .png and even .gif

With the addition of Image Gallery, end-users have gained access to lightbox functionality, allowing businesses to display images as thumbnails that then expand to fullscreen upon click.


When building out the Image Gallery, we’ve optimized for site speed. With this functionality, we’ve opted to store two versions of uploaded images, displaying a smaller thumbnail on the website, then utilizing the full image for the lightbox. This allows websites to load fast without hurting the quality of the image. Full lightbox functionality is viewable from the published website.

The Gallery utilizes the same intuitive UI that they know and love, allowing end-users to easily add, edit, duplicate, remove, and reorganize images with ease. And making adjustments to the appearance, such as adding black & white filters, or adjusting the layout is just as easy.

Adding & editing images

Duplicating & removing images

Reorganizing images

Group resizing images

Changing Gallery appearance


Multi-item selection


Important note: It’s possible to select multiple elements in the gallery by clicking the target items while holding the Shift or Command key. Shift+click selects a few photos in one go, whereas when you press Command, you need to choose images one by one. 

The images in the gallery block can be captioned individually, i.e. your customers are able to add a caption and other metadata, including title and alternative text for each image in the gallery. Simply navigate to the Gallery settings, click on any image that you want to add a description to, and start typing: 


Adding captions to images

Important note: The captions are rendered on the published site when site visitors interact with the gallery in lightbox mode.

Please note that the Gallery block is available for all templates using our new template structure.

Give the Image Gallery a test drive today on our mock demo site. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch via email or support ticket at any time. We look forward to hearing your feedback!

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