GDPR compliance refinements


As a company with millions of direct users globally, we understand the importance of being GDPR compliant. This privacy protection law, applicable to any site with EU visitors, has a direct and immediate effect on how European businesses collect and store data.

Since the release of our cookie notification banner and contact form consent field, we’ve been iterating upon our toolset to ensure end-users have the resources to make their websites GDPR-compliant. With that being said, we are excited to introduce the following enhancements to our GDPR compliance feature set: 

  1. We have modified the default cookie banner message to make it more transparent and comprehensive for your end-users:


This cookie banner notification is fully customizable, allowing end-users to add links to privacy policies and terms of service.

  1. We have also added the Dismiss button to the cookie banner. Whenever a site visitor clicks the Dismiss button, the banner will be hidden but will appear again on page reload or if a user visits another page. 
  2. The collection of non-essential personal information will only occur if the user clicks "I agree". This information is limited to visitor analytics data provided to end-users within the Analytics dashboard. Note: Customers will receive less site visitor data if they enable this setting but this will allow them to achieve greater GDPR compliance. In addition, this is limited to Yola content, if you insert third party content that uses cookies, these will not be managed by this functionality.

Eager to share these updates with your customers? We have comprehensive tutorials within our Support Center for you to utilize. 

Have got any questions left? Reach out to our team via email or support ticket at any time. We're happy to help you 24/7. 

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