Latitude: Unveiling the future of site building


Through our learnings from 13M+ users globally, Yola has found that SMBs needed four things in order to be successful online. They need the ability to:

  1. Craft a complete online presence quickly
  2. Create agency-quality designs without a high budget
  3. Build their sites without any previous design knowledge
  4. Design their website from any device

Yola has a vision for a platform that will empower SMBs to have the success of big brands online. We’re excited to announce the launch of the alpha release of our new platform, Latitude.

Latitude takes a radical new approach to site building, stepping away from the traditional drag-and-drop design, and moving toward site building through pre-configured blocks. While the concept of pre-configured blocks may not be new, the extent we’ve taken it to is.

When selecting a template with Latitude, you’ll not only have access to a preconfigured homepage available for you to adjust as you see fit, you also gain access to 130+ blocks, tailored specifically for your template selection. Each block is masterfully crafted with SMBs in mind, making adjustments quick and simple, giving you the latitude to design a website that matches the vision of your business quickly, and from any device.

Ready to give the platform a test drive? Check out our demo site (also crafted by Latitude) and signup for an account now. Don’t hesitate to reach out to with any feedback.

Happy building!

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