Types of blocks


Here are the most common questions about various types of blocks and their uses.

How can I change the title of the page? Tutorial on using the Title block

How can I edit the Cover block? Tutorial

What can be customized in the website header? Tutorial

How can I add a text block? Tutorial

How can I create an image gallery? Tutorial

How can I build a single-page website? Tutorial on using a Business card block

What can I do with Image block? Tutorial

How can I customize a Schedule block? Tutorial

How can I add products for sale? Tutorial

Can I modify the Articles block? Tutorial

How can I add information about my company? Tutorial on editing the About blocks

How can I show the profiles of my team members? Tutorial on using a Team block

What can I customize in Services block? Tutorial on editing a Services block

How can I add customers' testimonials? Tutorial on adding a Testimonials block

How can I present my awards? Tutorial on Awards block

How can I add a Call to action? Tutorial on Call to action block

How can I show my pricing packages? Tutorial on adding a Pricing block

How can I add my contact information? Tutorial on customizing a Contact block

What can I edit in Video block? Tutorial

How do I change the information in the Achievements block? Tutorial

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