Does Yola send emails?


Yola doesn't make phone calls, emails or text messages out of the blue. While we can send emails and reminders, support agents won't contact you unless you've contacted them first.

Note: Yola will never ask you for your password or credit card number.

Here are some warning signs of scam emails:

  • Requests for personal information. This is the biggest clue that an email is a scam.  
  • You should always be suspicious of unexpected messages claiming to be from Yola.
  • A message that just seems odd. It may come from an address or phone number not associated with Yola, such as strange formatting, typos, or misspellings. If anything seems odd, it probably is.
  • A message that stresses dangerous consequences if you don't do something immediately, like click a link or give someone your password.

If you receive a suspicious message, never give out personal information or click links and get in touch with customer support to verify whether the message is legitimate.

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