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Latitude offers a large range of features, empowering end-users to create a business website, sell products and services, and grow their business online with automated advertising. In this post, we'll highlight the features listed in our feature chart and detail how your customers can benefit from them. 


Wizard-driven setup: Upon sign up, customers are guided through an on-boarding setup wizard, taking their business contact information and injecting it into the Sitebuilder where necessary.

Build from any device: Sitebuilder’s tap-to-tailor design allows customers to craft websites end-to-end from any device.

Site backups and version control: This functionality will allow your customers to create and manage backups of their site and restore site version as they deem necessary.  The implementation of this feature automatically generates site backups as well as allows users to create named backups of their own.

Multilingual sites: Sitebuilder's multilingual module lets your customers create a professional-looking website in multiple languages so that they can attract an audience that spans far beyond their location! 

Design-quality templates: Coming in a wide range of designs and verticals, Sitebuilder makes it easy to select a template, customize it to matches the vision of your business, then publish it live for the world to see.

Responsive, mobile-ready sites: Sitebuilder’s Template Gallery boasts a range of templates that are fully responsive, allowing them to look great on any device. No mobile customizations or coding necessary.

Basic eCommerce (eCom Free): The Sitebuilder offers a robust, yet easy-to-use Online store. Each Sitebuilder plan gives customers exclusive access to our Basic Online Store plan, allowing you to sell up to three products online – and for free!

SEO optimization tools: Sitebuilder aids customers in getting found on search engines by giving you access to your site’s metadata, allowing you to add page names, descriptions, and keywords all in one place.

Advanced HTML customization: For web professionals looking to make greater customizations to websites, Sitebuilder offers advanced and HTML editing, making your site-building possibilities endless.

Header/footer code injection: Looking to add custom code to each page of your site? Header/footer code injection is perfect for users looking to add customizations such as Google Analytics to their online presence.



Instant payment acceptance with 45+ processors (PayPal, Stripe): Online Store offers a diverse variety of payment processors for a merchant to choose from to accept payment.

No additional transaction fees: Online Store does not charge the merchant any percentage of sales.

Real-time shipping quotes: Merchants can opt to charge for shipping based on realtime shipping quotes

Configurable shipping & logistics: Merchant can configure shipping and logistics, ie. free, flat rate, list handling times, freight, or order subtotal

Inventory tracking: Online Store allows tracking inventory on a product level. You can define a quantity for each product separately. Product quantity is automatically reduced when an item has been bought. When the quantity reaches zero, the product gets “Out of stock” status and can’t be ordered anymore.

Sell on Facebook and Instagram: Your Online Store can easily be added to Facebook and Instagram enabling merchants to reach more customers. Checkout happens completely on Facebook for streamlined customer experience.

Store management App: Manage stores and orders from anywhere: add new products with the snap of a pic, share across on Facebook and Instagram, and accept payments directly in the app



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