New template: Pet care


As we continue to release new features for Latitude, we've kept template design at top of mind. Today, we're excited to announce the release of Pasco – our newest template, designed for dog walkers, groomers, and veterinarians alike.


Pasco is a bright, lively template, with over 130 blocks tailored to pet care and ready to be customized. 


Latitude was built with SMBs in mind – when a customer selects Pasco, as well as any other template in our library, our smart interface ensures user content inherits template styling. Here you'll see a user replacing a circular image with a rectangular image. Latitude does the heavy lifting, tailoring the photo to match the design, no photo editing skills or technical knowledge necessary.

User wants to replace circular photo

User uploads rectangular photo

Latitude crops the image to match the design

 Check out Pasco today by getting started for free with our demo site! Have questions? Feel free to reach out at any time at


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