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Latitude offers a range of configurable properties, allowing you to offer the platform within your own brand. In addition to the ability to add your own logo and adjust the color scheme to the platform, you also have the ability to add a branded footer to each of your free site subscriptions.

Your logo and a message will be displayed in the footer at each page of the user's website:


Benefits of a branded footer

The benefits of including the branded footer within your free subscription come two-fold:

1. When a free user attempts to remove the footer, they are prompted to upgrade, serving as a key upsell.

When the user clicks the Delete icon, a window appears encouraging her to upgrade the subscription.


2. If a free user opts to publish the website with your branded footer, it will serve to increase your web traffic while simultaneously promoting your platform.

Accessing the customization options

To customize your branded footer, continue to your brand's customization area.

1. Login to SBS Manager and navigate to Brands > Brand Configuration.


2. Navigate to Customization > Sitebuilder.


3. Scroll to Latitude Settings and you’ll see three Footer Properties available for adjustment:


Customizing the footer options

Here's how to customize the branded footer:

  • Footer URL: The URL your branded footer will link site visitors back to, driving referral traffic to your website. Enter the URL in the field:

  • Logo URL footer: The URL of the logo to be used in the branded footer. Note, the footer inherently has a dark background. This logo should be lighter in contrast.

  • Footer message: The string of text be used within the branded footer, to the left of your logo. Here are some of the footer message examples:

Crafted with [your logo]

Create your own professional website with [your logo]

Get your own online presence with [your logo]

Enter your message in the field:

Once done customizing the footer, click the Save button at the bottom of the screen.

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