Using the Sitebuilder


Here are the most common questions users ask when building their websites on the Sitebuilder.

How do I activate the menu? This FAQ should help.

Where can I add a logo? Tutorial.

Can I change a logo size? Tutorial.

How can I undo something I have done by mistake? Tutorial.

Can I build a website from scratch? Read this tutorial.

Where can I save my site? Tutorial.

How can I delete something from my site? Tutorial.

How often should I save my work? Tutorial.

How can I add a page to the navigation menu? Tutorial.

Where can I manage the navigation bar? Check out this FAQ and tutorial

How can I create a drop-down menu? Read this tutorial. If you want to remove a drop-down menu, this tutorial should help.

I have too many links in navigation - what do I do? Tutorial.


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