Adding and editing content


Here are the most common questions users ask when adding various types of content.

How do I add content to my site? Tutorial.

How can I add more content to the page? Adding text to your website

Can I edit my site on a mobile device? Tutorial

How do I use File Manager? Tutorial.

Can I add HTML? Tutorial.

How can I add a contact form? Tutorial

How can I add a blog? Tutorial.

Can I import a blog from another website? Tutorial.

How can I add Paypal buttons? Tutorial.

Can I make people pay to access my site? Tutorial.

How do I add music to my site? Tutorial.

How do I make people register on my site? Adding member registration

Can I offer content in several languages? Creating a dual language website

How can I add Flash? Embedding a Flash file

How can I add a map to my page? Adding Google Maps

Can I export my files? Tutorial.

Can I enable social sharing? Adding social sharing buttons to your site

How can I connect social media? Connecting to Facebook

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