Adding and editing content


Here are the most common questions users ask when adding and editing their website content with the Sitebuilder.

How can I format my text? This FAQ section should help.

How do I add content to the page? Check out this FAQ.

Can I edit my text fonts? Check out this tutorial.

Why do I need to ask user content on forms? Tutorial.

How can I manage and edit buttons? Check out this tutorial section.

Can I add HTML to my page? Tutorial.

Can I add a map and directions to my page? Tutorial.

How can I add more items to the bullet lists? Tutorial.

I want to add a section with my certifications. How can I do that? Tutorial.

Can I add a link to another page? Check out this tutorial.

How can I link to another URL? Tutorial.

Can I create a text link? - Yes, you can. Follow this tutorial.

What are the ways of managing links? Tutorial.

How can I create a user review page? Tutorial.

How can I showcase testimonials? Here's a whole section on testimonials and reviews.

What are the ways of adding text to the page? Tutorial

Can I add a text-only block? Tutorial

Can I add a map? Tutorial

How can I delete content from my website? Tutorial

How can I save my work in progress? Tutorial

Can I undo or reverse an action? Tutorial

Do I need to create a website plan? Tutorial

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