Styles and customization


Here are the most common questions users ask about adding various styles and customizing the look of their websites.

Do I need a separate app to edit the design? What is Style Designer

How do I use Style Designer? Tutorial.

Can I use another template? Applying a new template

How can I return to the previous template? Reverting to your previous style

Can I add a custom favicon? Adding a favicon

How do I replace a logo? Adding a logo

What's the best way of making my site look unique? Personalizing your site

What's the difference between REM and PIX measurements? Tutorial

Can I use my own style? Uploading a custom template

Can I change a template when I have already started? Tutorial.

How can I add smooth scrolling? Adding Parallax scrolling

How can I add text formatting? How to format the text

I don't like the fonts - can I add more? Adding custom fonts

How can I insert images so they are surrounded by text? Wrapping text around images

How can I make my site responsive? Switching to responsive design

Mobile design

I would like to align a logo on mobile devices. How to vertically align logo on mobile devices

How can I ensure my header resizes properly? Tutorial.

My banner is not resizing on a mobile device? How to ensure that banner resizing properly on mobile devices

How can I keep navigation in order on mobile? Tutorial.

Help: my website appear squished on mobile! Tutorial.


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