Images and video


Here are the most common questions users ask about adding and editing images and video.

What are the image editing capabilities? The introduction to images

Can I upload an image? Adding images to your website

How can I change a look of an image? Editing images

How can I change a website logo? Adding a logo to your website

Can I add a video? Adding a video to your website

How can I display a slideshow? Adding a slideshow

I would like to display a photo gallery?  Using the Gallery widget

My images take longer to load. How can I change this? Optimizing your images

I would like to display images in a row. Suggestions? Arranging your images in a row

How can I add alt tags to images? Adding alt tags to images

How do I change a page background? Adding a background image

I would like to add a banner. Please help! Adding or changing the banner image

Can I add a video background? Adding a video background

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