Organizing content with bulleted lists


Last week we detailed how consistency is a key aspect of a successful website. This week, we're excited to highlight another driving factor to online success: content organization.

Organization is the motor behind content. It's what enables an SMB to convey their message, empowering site visitors to browse their content successfully. Great content organization can be tricky to recognize – it just works. Poor content organization, on the other hand, is impossible to miss.

While content organization comes in many forms such as content hierarchy and page structure, it also includes smaller elements. Today we're excited to announce a small but important feature when it comes to organization: bulleted lists.


Adding bulleted lists to paragraph content is no problem with this new release. Simply highlight the text, then select bullet points from the control pane.

Looking for organized lists? No problem. Click the numbered bullet points from the control pane and you're set. Our design automation will ensure your numbering scheme stays in order no matter where in the list you add your content.

Ready to give it a test drive? Check out the new release on our demo site by selecting Get Started for Free. We look forward to hearing your feedback!

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