Adding downloadable files


As we iterate upon Yola Latitude, some releases entail larger features such as template localization, while others include smaller features like bulleted lists. The properties we bring to the platform vary from release to release but there is something they all have in common – they're all important.

Our most recent release, while small, has use cases that span every business vertical. Today we're happy to announce the ability to add downloadable files to Latitude websites.


Having the ability to add downloadable files to websites built with Latitude empowers personal trainers to provide clients with downloadable workouts. It gives doctors the ability to fast-track patient onboarding through downloadable intake forms. And it grants authors the ability to offer downloadable samples of their eBooks. The use cases for this release are endless.

Using the downloadable file feature is as intuitive as it is versatile. A file can be added to any link or button by simply hovering over the property and adjusting the link settings.

Lastly, this feature also acts as a direct upgrade path to our Premium subscription. When a Free user attempts to add a file greater than 5MB, they will be notified that their file exceeds their limit and they're welcome to upgrade to proceed.


Want to give Latitude a test drive? Feel free to login to our demo site and click Get Started for Free to give it a spin. If you have any questions, feel free to shout!

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