Templates: A dozen new themes are available


Website templates make it easier than ever to build a website. But creators are often unsure which template to choose, especially if they represent a very specific industry niche. 

To help our end-users make up their mind faster without being stuck on the template-choosing stage, we regrouped the Template Gallery. The reduction of category number to four essential ones: Personal, Business, Online Store, and Community/Organization, proves to improve the template discoverability, hence helping end-users make a deliberate decision.


Also, we constantly launch new templates to cover various needs of end-users and provide them with the most suitable solutions for their websites.  

This time, we present a dozen new niche-specific themes. 

#1. A new makeup artist template, Charlotte, features an amazing eye-catching layout, a beautiful gallery, noticeable call-to-action buttons, and much more. Its soft and calm background is done to emphasize bright illustrations, which are important for SMBs in the beauty industry. This is an ideal theme for makeup artists, models, influencers, and beauty artistry businesses. The theme is well-organized and very easy to customize.

You can find this template in categories: Personal, Business.

#2. Orlando is a new theme designed specifically for astrologists, magicians, numerology specialists, fortune-telling and tarot experts, energy healers, natal chart readers, and more. It will help website visitors get to know about the services provided, contact the business owner, and find the physical location of the specialist without much effort. The template is highly customizable – it offers more than 20 variations of the Headline block and many beautiful options for other blocks. 

You can find this template in categories: Personal, Business.

#3. Richmond is a refined and alluring catering template with a festive and elegant design. It is also perfectly suitable for wedding planners’ services, corporate events agencies, party decoration firms, private parties arrangement businesses, or any other event planners. The theme is supplied with a collection of powerful blocks for ease of use and capacity of any SMB website: Service block, Contact block, Gallery, and, of course, Call to action block. And if end users want to make it a store to sell products, they can easily add an Online store block.

This template goes into the Personal and Business categories.


#4. A car dealer site template, Edison, helps users from the automotive industry achieve success to the next level no matter how big or small their business is. It’s never been easier to get a site noticed with such an amazing design: bold shapes, bright CTAs, and black color representing power and elegance. And our six types of Gallery block can enrich the product page and make it sell.

This template is available in the Business category.

#5. Edinburg is a film production template suitable for filmmaker and videographer sites,

film festivals, film studios, and more. Its stunning design will amaze every cinephile, and its eye-catching layout grabs visitors’ attention at once. 

Edinburg is available in the Personal category.


#6. Portland is a perfectly crafted confectioner site template suitable for confectioners’ personal brand websites, culinary schools, cooking classes with workshops, and baking and pastry lessons. This theme has a simple, modern, and clean design with a 100% responsive and easily customizable layout. And it can be quickly transformed into an online shop by adding an Online Store block.

You can find this template in categories: Personal, Business.

#7. A grocery store site template, Irvine, can cover the needs of organic food shops, online supermarkets, food delivery companies, and many other food retailers. Thanks to the high-end and most preferred components on this theme, anyone who is not even experienced in building and managing websites can easily create one on their own. In addition, the template has an Online Store block already embedded into the layout. 

This template is available in the Online Store category.

#8. A new item in our template collection, Jackson, is an amazing bookstore website template. It’s perfect for those who want to create a professional-looking website for an online bookstore, publishing house, and any other related business. The template has an Online Store block already embedded into the layout letting the website owner sell right away. 

You can find this template in the Online Store category.

#9. Columbus is a fresh and beautiful gift shop template. Its gentle color mixtures look nice and professional. This theme is a perfect choice to start building an ecommerce website about handmade products, souvenirs, accessories, clothing, tiny items, and many more. With the Online Store block already added to the layout, website owners can start selling right away. 

Columbus is available in the Online Store category.


#10. Due to frequent user requests, we are expanding our line of templates for non-profit organizations. Knoxville is our new clean and responsive fundraising site template. It is designed for charity organizations, NGOs, non-profits, and fundraising websites. The specialty of this template is a Counter block already added to the layout, which adds trustworthiness to the brand. 

You can find Knoxville in the Community/Organization category.


Check out these templates on our demo site by clicking Get Started for Free. We look forward to hearing your feedback.


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